Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? What You Need To Know About Mobile Friendly Websites 

 June 27, 2016

By  James Rose

The devil is in the details, When it comes to searches on Google via mobile phones, Google is definitely going to reward those sites that have made the effort to become mobile friendly by pushing them up higher in the rankings, than they might have been if they weren’t mobile friendly. It is not a surprise to realize that mobile internet usage has been on the rise for the past few years. However, even with such compelling evidence, the truth is that most of business websites are still no where close to being mobile friendly. In addition to causing headache to users, it is resulting into loss of business opportunities. So the question remains, is your website mobile-friendly? Basically, a mobile-friendly website is one that is coded to adopt to all mobile screen sizes. This means that the website can be easily viewed on any smartphone. Many people often overlook the importance of a mobile-friendly website but the truth is that this is something extremely important. Here are some reasons why you must have mobile-friendly website in 2015.

The Rise of Smartphones

In the recent years, smartphones have turned out to be significantly affordable. Almost everyone can afford one. Smartphones are very good for hand held browsing since you can browse at your convenience. With the increased sale of smartphones, it definitely makes sense for companies and businesses to have websites that can be easily browsed on these gadgets. With the use of smartphones expected to rise even higher, the need to have mobile-friendly sites is inevitable. It is for this reason that businesses without mobile friendly websites should focus on making them more mobile-friendly.

Positive User Experience

Another reason why your website must be mobile-friendly is to give your visitors a positive user experience. A research conducted on mobile browsing revealed that if an internet user lands onto your mobile website and ends up frustrated or fails to see what he or she is looking for, chances are high that they will leave your website immediately and never return. The greatest possibility is that the user will go to a competitor’s website. Users who get a positive experience from your mobile website are more likely to use your service or buy a product you are selling.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

If the answer is no, then you should count yourself in trouble considering the latest updates rolled out by Google concerning mobile friendly websites. Basically, this mobile-friendly update that was rolled out in April is going to boost the search engine rankings of pages that are mobile friendly. This means that web pages that are usable and legible on mobile devices will dominate in mobile searches worldwide. On the other hand, websites purely designed for large screens may see their rankings greatly affected. For individuals to test their websites for mobile-friendliness, Google has come up with a Mobile-Friendly test that makes it possible for you to check your site’s mobile usability and review your site-level information. However, websites that are not mobile-friendly but still have high quality content will not be affected by the update because Google utilizes different signals to make rankings on search results. This means that pages with high quality content and not mobile-friendly could still rank high on query search results.

James Rose

Way back in the early day’s of the World Wide Web, James became fascinated with writing and building web sites. Before the days of editors and content management systems like WordPress, James was writing html by hand using a good old fashioned text editor. Times may have changed and technologies have improved, but one thing that hasn’t changed is James’ love of creating beautiful and functional websites. James focuses on creating awesome sites that rank high in search results and deliver qualified visitors ready to buy!

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