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Take Your Business to the Top with SMS

While businesses today struggle to stay afloat through shutdowns and stay at home orders, it is essential that you keep up with all of the new information, tools, and tricks that will help you to succeed.

Keeping up with current economic issues isn’t simple. You have to balance your business’s strategies exactly right to avoid slipping under. With the world getting ready to jump back into action, are you ready?

Advant Local is here to help.

SMS Lists

Ensuring that your operation moves smoothly through every step of reopening is a difficult job to do. While you work hard to keep your employees and management in communications with important updates for your operation, are you forgetting about your target audiences?

SMS lists are the solutions that you need to incorporate in your business’s communications and efforts today. SMS lists are the ideal option to help you to:

Keep in Contact with your target audiences, customers, and clients. While you may make changes to your operation including your hours, service adjustments, and distancing regulations, your customers need to know what to expect. SMS messaging is your chance to keep your target audience up to date on every new change that you make.

Schedule Time between your clients for simple adjusting and adapting to new opportunities and scheduling changes. Whether you need to work out a timing for a meeting or let a customer know that it’s their turn for a haircut, SMS messaging is your chance to keep up to date with your customers.

Offer Promotions to your customers for increased sales. After you offer certain promotions, sales, and benefits of buying, your customers will see your operation as the place to be after businesses begin to reopen.

Revive & Thrive

Today, Advant Local offers the ideal solution to your SMS messaging needs with the all-new Revive & Thrive system. Through modern technology, experienced teams, and qualified professionals to give you assistance, Advant Local will help you to revive and thrive your business for a newer, better way to open your location with:

  • New lead capturing via landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone systems, etc.
  • Lead building via automated follow-up campaigns (using voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, and Facebook Messenger)
  • Built-in tools to use so that you can collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics at your own convenience
  • Customized dashboard utilization for campaign status monitoring

While other platforms require you to conform to rules, regulations, and expense structures, Advant Local provides means of industry optimization that are designed just for you. Don’t rely on other platforms—take control of your business today.

Advant Local

At Advant Local, we want to help you to build your business into a strong, capable operation after you reopen. Through our professional strategies and innovative solutions, your business will be able to adapt, revive, and thrive. Don’t fall behind after a crisis... learn to thrive with Advant Local!

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  • Reinvigorate a stale customer database to drive new business
  • Get your existing customers excited to return
  • Develop an influx of new leads that will be automatically nurtured in to new customers.
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