7 Ways to Use Text Messaging to Drive More Sales 

 October 3, 2020

By  James Rose

A large majority of your audience is probably attached — more than they want to admit — to their phones. So, as you seek to drive more sales, you’ve got to meet your customers where they are. Sending out engaging text messages is one of the latest ways to increase your numbers, but you’ve got to know how to go about it and what text tactics to avoid.

Read on to learn 7 ways to use text messaging to drive more sales.

#1 Incentivize Engagement

You want to find out what your customers want and need so that you can stay relevant. Text messages can help you stay relevant by allowing you to profile your customers and target ads that bring solutions to them.

So, how do you do it? Send out a personalized text (with the customer’s name included) that asks a survey question and that incentivizes them to answer it.

For example, if you and your team have been curious about customers’ preferences regarding your current or future products, simply ask! In that same message, give them some motivation to respond — like a prize for the first ten people to respond or a discount on their next purchase.

Then, gather this information and create a targeted marketing strategy that is as relevant as it is effective.

One quick note: this strategy helps you understand your audience, but it can backfire if you overuse it. Customers will be turned off if they receive too much text communication from your business, so be precise about when and how often you reach out.

#2 Encourages Reviews, Testimonials, and Referrals

Word-of-mouth is an effective tool for small and large businesses alike. So, you’ll want to reward your customers when they tell others about you. Whether it’s a positive Google review, a detailed testimonial, or a referral to friends or family, send those loyal customers a text message thanking them for their kind words with a discount code for a future purchase. Not only will your customer appreciate the kudos, but they’ll also be more likely to continue with the positive press.

Another idea: Consider sending a text out to those who haven’t reviewed your business yet, and offer them an incentive to do so!

#3 Celebrate Special Occasions

Remember tip #1? If you use your survey texts to ask your customers about their special occasions (like birthdays or anniversaries), you can reach out to them later and offer special deals to help them celebrate. Of course, people LOVE discounts, so this is just another way to bring them back into the fold if they may not have purchased in a while.

#4 Remind Customers of Current Sales and Promotions

If you’ve got a sale going on, your customers should know. After all, some customers may have a need (or desire) for your product or service, and your text about your sale or promotion could just be the catalyst that leads them to seal the deal.

Simply send out a quick text telling your customers what’s going on and how they can purchase. You can even include a link to your website in the text so that customers can find the deal and purchase easily and quickly.

#5 Inform Customers About the Latest and Greatest

Are you releasing a new product or service soon? If so, create a little bit of anticipation by informing your loyal customers about it. You could also offer them a discount if they pre-order, or you could give them a one-time promo code if they share the news with their friends on social media. Use text messaging as just one more effective tool to get the word out about exciting news.

#6 Automate for Scheduling and Important Info

Make your life — and your customers’ lives — a little easier by using text messaging to schedule appointments. When you send out calendar-related texts, you can provide a link that allows customers to schedule themselves on your calendar. Then, you can also use an automated text system to remind them of their appointment, webinar, class, or consultation with you.

You can also use text messaging to send out important practical information, like updated service hours or new rules/regulations. For example, if your customers must arrive 10 minutes prior to an appointment to fill out paperwork, you could easily convey this with an automated text. If you provide a product instead of a service, you could send out instructions for use or other practical information via automated text.

#7 Improve Customer Experience

Improving every customer’s experience is a vital aspect of any well-run business. Use text message surveys to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are, and give your customers an incentive for providing this critical feedback. Then, use this data to get better at the whole customer experience.

The Bottom Line

Sales is an ever-changing game of finding ways to get your customer’s attention and present your message. Incorporate these text messaging strategies into your sales and marketing mix and meet your customers where their attention is already focused – their phones!

James Rose

Way back in the early day’s of the World Wide Web, James became fascinated with writing and building web sites. Before the days of editors and content management systems like WordPress, James was writing html by hand using a good old fashioned text editor. Times may have changed and technologies have improved, but one thing that hasn’t changed is James’ love of creating beautiful and functional websites. James focuses on creating awesome sites that rank high in search results and deliver qualified visitors ready to buy!

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